Monday, June 2, 2014

Hidden Door - new challenge

 The Hidden Door (reviewed here)
I toy with the idea that I could be more focused in the way I live out my values. I love my garden, my voluntary work with the emergency services, my voluntary work with Amnesty, and the work I do with ODAM. They are things I do to live out my value. I also enjoy my hobbies and distractions - studying French, hosting Paris in July, reading Japanese Literature  (yeh for the JLC no 8) and riding my bike. But I'm wondering how to be more mindful? This has captured my attention.

What sort of culture might appear if we took seriously the essential values and principles that form the deep structure of voluntary simplicity and used them to inform a new perspective of the good life? Might we discover an exit from the confining cell of consumer culture? Can we find the passage leading beyond individual lifestyle choice to cultural renaissance? This book aims to help seed this renaissance by widening the conversation about how we transition from the road to extinction to a path with heart that has a future.
So, I'm hoping to read this - not in a hurry, but my goal is to finish it by the end of the year. So, in my journey this year, of trying to live simply so that others might simply live, this book will challenge me and I hope to reflect on it from time to time here. I hope you'll humour me.
 Produce from the garden this weekend
Loofa's (Asian Gourde), Herbs, Lemons, Tomatoes,
Guavas, and black sapote (chocolate fruit).


Karen said...

That sounds like a really interesting book T - and an interesting concept too. I always see you as someone who clearly lives by your values - you inspire me!

Bellezza said...

Living simply is such a worthy goal, and it seems all but shuffled away under the business of life in the 21st century. Sometimes, I even long for the days before computers, before blogging, before email...

All the same, so glad to be doing Paris in July with you, as well as Japanese literature!

Jeanie said...

Oh, my! Your garden is filled with abundance! How wonderful to eat 'so close to home.' This living simply is really a commitment but you are SO stepping up to the plate! Bravo for you!