Monday, February 3, 2014

Confessions of a Chocaholic!

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In  my pursuit of being considered, intentional and purposeful, [part of my year devoted to simple living] I've identified February as Chocolate month. So here's my confession - I am a chocaholic and I live with a chocaholic. We eat chocolate almost every day.

But most of us would know by now that chocolate production is caught up in some very unethical practices. I'm not clear about these, and would like to be more aware. So I've decided that during the month of February I will research the practices behind chocolate production, trial a range of available fairtrade and other ethical brands, and hopefully find some chocolate we like, that is not hurting other people or the planet. Sadly, I know that this means that I may need to change my ways.... it is always possible that the best thing I can do for others is to quit.

It really scares me what I am about to learn, but it scares my partner even more. So I return to January's goal - stakeholder engagement. If I want to make changes in my chocolate eating practices I must engage my partner - because we need to share the experience of eating chocolate, but also because he does all my shopping. So, whatever I read, I'm going to have to discuss with him, give him time to process the info, and work with him on what our future practices will look like. 

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts, wisdom and guidance. If you have links, articles or authors you recommend, please send them through. My contact email is available on my 'about me' page.

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Jeanie said...

I'm one of those chocolate-sort-of people. I like it but I'm not committed to it -- give me the choice of chocolate and lemon and I go with the lemon almost every time. That said, nothing beats a flourless chocolate cake! I'll be curious to hear results of your research -- I hope as you're doing it you'll find a way you can both work with it and still stay within your plan!

She (5eyedbookworm) said...

I love chocolate!I'm aware of the issues revolving around its production. I'm not sure if I know of any authors who have written about it though...