Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's time for some change.... redecorating

I've decided I need my blog to look different, and I want to add in a new focus this year. So over the next few days I'm hoping to make these changes and be ready for a new start in the new year.

Stay in touch - I'll be back soon.

All the best for your new year celebrations and holiday season.


Jeanie said...

I will look forward to it! I want to do that too -- and a new template (but I am terrified I'll lose all the past.) First up is updating the blog roll. Then after practicing on other blogs I'll bite the bullet and do it!

Can't wait to see yours! Happy New Year! Right now we would all kill for your warm weather! It has been a cold and "powerless" Christmas for a lot of us -- I was lucky, Rick not-so. There's more on the Gypsy! Happy Week!

Meredith said...

It looks beautiful so far! And you know me, although I generally don't like change, somehow I change my blog more often than I change my wardrobe. ;) I'll be back, of course.

Love the work you're doing in I did. It so touches my heart.