Saturday, June 22, 2013

Henri, Orwell and me - Paris in July

M. Pokora - Le jour qui se rêve (extrait de... by MPokora-Official

Paris in July is about my own journeys to Paris in beyond - my past journeys, and my future journeys. This year I'm making a promise to myself to spend my month in virtual Paris by immersing myself in french language, food & wine, literature, music and travel plans. So here's my plan - each week I'm going to try to do two personal posts, and on the alternate weeks, I'll do a wrap up post of all the Paris in July activity. You'll note that I've added the blog roll to the right hand column of my blog  - so we can all check on what others are doing.

Books on my list include:
  • Stuff Parisians Like - this was a gift a while ago, and it's time to have a look inside
  • Henri Walks to Paris - this sounds delightful and shouldn't be too difficult to read
  • George Orwells - Down and Out in Paris  - my personal challenge to learn more about famous people, and Paris while I'm there... (this is a free edition)
Music - each week I'm going to find a new french artist (or new to me) and share the links with you
Food - I love to cook something on the weekends - so when i can I'll cook something french, and share it with you here too.
Travel plans - When I travel I do my research first. I thought I would like to do some research for my next unplanned trip to France. I'll try and post some of my findings - hopefully on topics like
  • best cocktails in Paris
  • gluten free in Paris
  • Walking in France
  • markets outside Paris (there's heaps of websites devoted to Markets in Paris).
One week to go and the tension is building. Cant wait. See you soon in Paris!


Jeanie said...

Really looking forward to this. I have one post planned per week, but I have a feeling I will do more. It's been fun going through my older photos to find a new spin on them!

I have a few gluten free cookie/scone recipes if you are interested. Let me know in the comments and/or send your email!

Karen said...

Your month sounds fabulous T - can't wait to visit Paris with you! xx

Daryl said...

I recently returned from a week in Paris and have been posting my photos every day on my blog Through My Eyes ... come on over and revisit Paris every day

Christy (A Good Stopping Point) said...

Thanks for posting the blog roll of participants - very helpful! I'm looking forward to participating. :)

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh do I love Paris!

Esme said...

This should be fun-I was there in May and it was as beautiful as ever-I currently have a giveaway for an ebook set in Provence on my blog.

Nadia said...

I've finally posted something for Paris in July over at my blog:

I am loving checking everyone's else Parisian posts!

Unknown said...

Down and out in Paris and London is a BRILLIANT book. I read it whilst in Paris and it allowed the boyfriend and I to be inspired and play the impoverished Parisian card well :) I'll get thinking on the cocktail front....there is a bar in Abbesses that was pretty good. We were little to poor for that!!
(Btw I don't know if you noticed but you've put me down as 'Literary Relisg' in the sidebar. Tee hee :))

Christine Harding said...

Tamara, just joining in, a little late and, as I said in Karen's comments, I'm not sure if I've linked properly. I love your ideas for Paris related posts - so I've written a bit about my favourite guide to the city, which is older than I am!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Count me in. I am linking to you today (only 8 days late) but everyday is Paris on my blog.


Alexa said...

I'm here by way of Genie's wonderful Paris blog. Love what you're doing, Tamara and will keep checking in.
BTW, I blog about Paris on the 1st of each month at Paris Encore (

Mel u said...

I am glad to be once again participating in this very interesting event-my first post is on a short story from the annual collection for 2013, Best European Fiction-the story is set in Paris in a guest house for transvestites

Mae Travels said...

Having just returned from Paris, I'm interested to go visit the participants here. I posted almost every day on at least one of my blogs: -- so far, a few posts on landmarks and museums, more to come -- most recent post is about coffee, will do more about various food and restaurants

Nadia said...

Here's my second post for Paris in July:

Anonymous said...

is this what we are supposed to do: instead of adding our link to a Mr Linky, we just add our link here??
if so, here is my introductory post, showing what I plan to post:
and my first post:
if I'm wrong and there IS a Mr Linky hidden somewhere, please give me the url of the page where he is. Thanks!
you know you could have 2 mr linky on the same page: 1 for the sign-up, and 1 for the posts. that's what I do for my own ongoing Books on France reading challenge - in fact I even have 3, the last one for the recap post when the blogger has finished the challenge. go here if you want to see: [with an icon in the sidebar that goes right to that page]

Daryl said...

i am not sure why i am not on the blogroll of participants ...

Anonymous said...

have not received answers to my question, so not sure where to list my 2nd post. it's a giveaway of a historical novel on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry!:

Anonymous said...

is this really where we post our links - I don't even see any new post on the blog since June.
if it is, here is my new post, a book review on a historical novel at the time of Charlemagne!: