Sunday, December 2, 2012

Melbourne - Comme Paris!

Lygon St
 It has been so long since I blogged I have almost forgotten how to load a photo! I'm so sorry for my absence, and I do hope to be catching up with all my friends soon.

I wanted to share with you my most recent french experience. Last weekend I went to Melbourne with a girlfriend to the Paris to Provence Festival. It was a festival dedicated to all things French, and laid out in the style of the the weekend markets you'll find in any French village. We were taken away from our cares and woes with les cafes, patisseries, du vin et du fromages! There were stalls dedicated to linen from Provence, books for children, learners and french speakers, and jams, preserves and many other wonderful french delights.

But visiting Melbourne wasn't just about going to see Gabriel Gate cook for us, or to stroll in beautiful gardens with other lovers of all things french - visiting Melbourne is about shopping, catching the theatre and walking in it's Paris like streets and parks. So here's some photos from my weekend. Hope you enjoy it too
Window at Brunetti's, Carlton

Brunetti's - Famous for their Cakes and Coffee
Brunetti's Fruit Tart
Melbourne - cosmopolitan and modern

Melbournes Central Station - an Iconic Landmark

The historic aspects of Melbourne that bring it a French Charm

Melbournes Southbank - could be in any modern european city

Southbank - could be a scene of the Siene!

when the old blends in with the new

nothing better that a morning on the Yarra!

The Yarra River

So French!

Paris to Provence Markets - Soap Displays

Gabriel Gate making for us a fruit salad with raspberry coulis!


vicki (skiourophile) said...

Lucky you! I love visiting Melbourne - the mix of old and new, and, of course, the great food and shops. I must add Brunetti's to my list of things to do next time I'm there.

Karen said...

Oh T that looks like such a fabulous weekend - can't wait to hear all about when we catch up next. What did you see at the theatre?? It looks like you and I have had about the same amount of time away from our blogs!!

Tamara said...

Vicki, Brunetti's is temptation at its worst, but a must - hint: dont wait til after dinner to go - make it dinner!
Karen - I dont have a gorgeous daughter as my excuse for blogging absence! We went to a jazz club called 'Paris Cat' and then we went to see a comedy show 'Here come the girls' - raising money and awareness for violence against women...