Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paris in July Final Wrap Up - 2012

Wow, wow and more wow! This years Paris in July has been an absolutely awesome event - and it's all because of you! Thanks so much for participating, visiting and travelling to Paris in July with us.

This final wrap up has been both exciting and challenging for me - so many posts to review. I really wanted to honour everyones contributions and recongise the effort. So here's my summary of as many posts as I could get to. (I'm sorry this will be a long post - please read to the end to see this weeks winner).

Book Reviews:
 Poetry, Music or Film Reviews
Photos and Travel Posts:
Cooking and Food Posts:
So, in summary, many of us enjoyed revisiting or sharing photo's from recent and not so recent trips to Paris. Thank you all for sharing those great photo stories. A few of us enjoyed sharing some video and music clips. Thank you to those who did, and I encourage everyone else to learn how to do that, because listening to your music has been a joy while I've been reviewing all these posts. Book reviews rated high amongst this years participants - particularly Metrostop Paris, Le Road Trip and Bonjour Tristesse. On the film front - Midnight in Paris gained some attention this year - and why not? it's such a lovely reminder of all things Paris.

Everyone is a winner, but I promised to pick one post from this last week to get alittle prize, and it's come down to those with ** and Lil Bit Brit's discovery of Paris in 1900 was the pick of the bunch this week. So Congratulations Christy, drop me an email (found on my About page).

Until next years Paris in July - a la prochaine!


Lorraine S. said...

First blog of the day. What a treat. Will follow-up on the recommendations a little at a time. I have my daughter's wedding in 2 weeks! You led me to some great blogs with this challenge, not to mention good pictures. Thanks.

bibliolathas said...

I've really enjoyed Paris in July - thank you for running it again this year: lots of lovely things to go and check out now!

Jeanie said...

It was incredible fun checking in on people and discovering lots of new bloggers who love Paris and other fun things, too! Thanks again for hosting!

Meredith said...

Such a fun challenge, Tamara, and I'm so glad you hosted it again with Karen! I loved the books I read (especially Eugenie Grandet), and I am reading well past July within this French theme. I'm looking forward to reading Sentimental Education by Flaubert at the end of August, and hopefully I can get to Bel Ami by Maupassant before it comes out in film. Again, merci beaucoup!

Ally said...

This is an inspiring post for my future Paris in July. Thanks!