Monday, June 20, 2011

C'est ne pas loin!

Thank you to all who have signed up, to those who have posted your intentions, and to those who have joined as followers. the 1st of July is not far away now... And this week I've confirmed my place at the language school in Montpelier...... it's very exciting!!

I have a few more kilometres to do in my training program, and I have more French homework to do before I leave... so I'm a little pre-occupied. But when I get on location I'll be up to posting more frequently....promise!
Can you imagine standing in this archway?
Wondering what life was like here in the past?
Listening to the music of the streets?
What would it say to you?


Anonymous said...

I'm a French woman & I've discovered this challenge a week ago. I'm going to follow your posts & those of the participants with great pleasure, even if I read very few French writers but, reading your notes, gives me the impression to live in an exotic country & it's quite funny :)

I wish you a great stay in France this summer !

(I'll never understand how to sign properly with blogger)

Tamara said...

Flo, you're most welcome to follow our 'Paris in July' event. We'd welcome your input - especially from a French Woman's point of view. Many of us dream of a life in France, others love the romanticism of the French way, and others love the food, wine, books and art. Join us as we share our discoveries.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tamara for your kindness ! I'll try to participate with my exotic point of view :D


Anonymous said...

You're going to love Montpellier, it's a beautiful city.

Bellezza said...

Tamara, don't forget to add my name to the list of participants, please! This was a highlight of mine last summer, and I have several great things lined up for July starting with Hemingway's A Moveble Feast and another book entitled French Lessons. Thanks for hosting again!

Tamara said...

Bellezza, I promise to add you and many others who have left notes - this weekend.... I am looking forward to having some time tomorrow to blog.

Karen said...

Hi T - It really is right around the corner now isn't it?? So exciting!!

Bellezza said...

Thanks, Tamara, for adding me. I guess you can see the 'bossy teacher' part of me come out in my previous comment, but I assure you, it was only due to being worried I would be left out! XO