Saturday, April 30, 2011

Art and the celebration of nature!

Tremello by Stevi Cannon
I did not watch the Royal Wedding last night, instead I had the very real pleasure of helping a dear friend celebrate the opening of her current exhibition at Newcastle's Lock Up Gallery.

Stevi, who's natural tendency is toward sculpting, joined voices with a peer who's interest is in wood block prints. Therefore the current exhibition is a combination of beautiful wooden sculptures depicting the artists love and appreciation of the natural environment, the Australian Bush and all it's forces of nature, and the prints of an artist who is challenged by urban development and the drowning out of the natural environment. The artists so beautifully compliment each other in this display, I found it a space that I wanted to stay in a while longer.

If you're near Newcastle - try and visit - but if you're not, I highly recommend that you find some time in the next month to visit your local gallery and discovery something new, perhaps a local talent. I really enjoyed my new discoveries last night.

Today I went searching for another piece of art - I was searching for the right gift for another friend who is tomorrow being ordained in the Anglican Church as a female Priest. We're so proud of her, for overcoming obstacles and achieving this life long quest. I found her a small earthenware vase with random imperfections, something that I feel reminds me that we are beautiful, with our flaws, and we each have our purpose/s in this life. I pray that my friend will always know how to determine her purpose and that she is beautiful in what ever path she takes. Romans 9:20-25.


Bellezza said...

How exciting to have a friend with her own exhibition! I love artwork, and artists are such wonderful people to know. They inspire me with their creativity and uniqueness. She's lucky to have your friendship, Tamara.

Also, how wonderful to have a friend ordained. I love the scripture that you put in your post. (Do you know that if you install RefTagger you can have the scriptures pop up? Let me know if you want help adding this to your blog; personally, I love it on mine.)

Jeanie said...

Wow -- that's fabulous -- I love her work. Wish I lived a bit closer and I'd make sure I saw that exhibition!

And congratulations to your friend on her ordination. What an achievement. I know you'll find the perfect thing.