Sunday, April 25, 2010


For anyone who knows my reading history, or anyone who visits this blog, you'll know I'm a dreadfully slow reader - therefore I avoid big books. I also do most of my reading on the train to work, so big books are a real pain. Regardless, I did embark on this, what I call, big book. I get a great deal of satisfaction reading the trilogy, or the set, if there is one. So after reading Kate Mosse's Labyrinth, and Winter Ghosts, I was set to read this one some time.

I really enjoyed the Labyrinth, but didn't really find Winter Ghosts a complex read. I found Labyrinth a new experience in reading, with the author taking me on a mystery tour of sorts. I really enjoyed the sense of 3rd dimension in it, with different era's blending. For this reason I thought I would have enjoyed this one.

Sepulchre, takes the reader on guided tour through the experiences of two women, Leonie in the 1890's and Meredith in the present. Their lives are connected, but it's Meredith's search for her family history that makes that connection. Again, Mosse has a third dimension in this story. One that I was happy to entertain, however I don't think she took it as far as she could've. I read one review that suggested Sepulchre was not quite occult literature. I think that's what I felt, although I've never read any occult stuff?

Despite it not quite making it for me - I did read it (yeah) and it was a light and enjoyable read.

Where to from here?? I think I'm going to try Paulo Coelho's 'The Pilgrimage', and we're going to read Albert Camus "l'entrager" in french class.


Karen said...

It sounds like you responded to this one with a little less enthusiasm than L?? I thought ït felt as though she just "phoned this one in" in some respects - I struggled to connect with or care about the main characters at all. Sounds like you have some heavy choices to follow this one up with?

Anonymous said...

I tried Labyrinth, but couldn't work through it. So, even if you may be a slow reader, you're reading some pretty tough stuff! Best to you, and thanks for the visits this week. Your blog is looking very spiffy, by the way. ;)

Tamara said...

Hi Karen, yes I didn't get into it and I agree with you, certainly nearer the end, she just dropped off the planet. I could've written that ending. So, yes, I've set myself some tough goals, but Im in no hurry.

Hi DB, thanks for the encouragement. I wish I could have a little more time and creativity for the blog, but Im glad you like it as is.