Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Christmas Books

Christmas this year is over shadowed by our need to save up for some travel plans, so I was delighted to receive this small collection of reading and viewing gifts. Somehow, all linked to my dreams and goals for 2009/10.

The White Tiger, is a story about an Indian fellow from Bangalore, while a Booker Prize Winner, my partner gave it to me because I'm going back to India in Sept 09 and I love learning more about India, her heritage, demographics, and culture. My friend has done a nice review of the storyline, and as I haven't finished it yet, I recommend Bookbath for more info. When I return to India, I will be volunteering in a school for girls and working with Women through self help groups in Tamil Nadu.
Isn't she beautiful? I'm going to really enjoy this new picture book, Audrey Hepburn: A life in pictures. So often my life is more practical than pretty, I have my finger nails filled with dirt from the garden, and my house is shared with dogs and Mr fix-it with his bits'n'pieces lying around. Taking time to disappear with Audrey will be a wonderful form of escape. Which I can also do while watching my now growing colelction of DVD's. New to the collection isNow, my thing for French is showing up in my gifts - Audrey and Paris - wow.... My final bookish christmas gift was the latest version of Residences Decoration - a magazine in french. France 2010, here we come!. I got two other very me gifts, while not bookish, in the same themes..
I got a silver Pandora Charm to encourage me in my dreams to return to Paris, and I received the honourable gift of an 'extremely useful gift' of Human Rights. My family have the tradition of drawing a name out of the hat and only having to buy a gift for one adult. My gift giver made a generous donation towards a human rights cause for my christmas gift, which I truly value as one of my most treasured gifts this year. Thanks.


Karen said...

What beautiful gifts! The Audrey book looks amazing - such style and elegance!
Loving hearing about your future travel plans.

Eva said...

I LOVE Audrey. Have you seen How to Steal a Million? That's another great Paris movie w/ her.