Friday, July 8, 2016

Paris in July - Week 1 Links

Again, Thanks to Deb for the two Paris in July 2016 Buttons. I've chosen to display this one this week, because as the face is partly covered and partly uncovered, so is Paris in July - the blogging event.

I've attempted to get around and visit most of the blogs this week, and I've been inspired and challenged by the range of reading options, and the intentions of participants. I quite enjoyed the little music clip posted by Ally at SnowFeathers.

I have myself started two of my books, and I'm looking forward to my trip (tomorrow) when I will have time to sit back and read. While I'm away, living and relaxing in my nearest Paris.... I'm not certain I'll have reliable or free wi-fi. So I'll catch up when I can.

In the meantime, you can post your links in here. If you can, in Mr Linky where you put your name, can you put in brackets your post title. Thanks


  1. I am thrilled you appreciated the clip :) French music is sooo charming! Enjoy your trip, I definitely love mine :)

  2. Not much read so far, due to lack of time. I am still travelling but is on my way back. Next week I hope to be able to start my French books. In the meantime I enjoy your Paris experiences.

  3. Today on Dreaming of France, I'm blogging about The Tour de France -- the highs and the lows as seen from my television in the U.S. But next year, I'll be in France to watch the Tour in person. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  4. Hello, I've found you via Paulita. Looking forward to reading lots of lovely posts about Paris. I have linked to one last year from when we visited Paris for the first time in five years to watch the Tour de France final.

  5. Living our life in france, watching le tour de france, found you via Paulita

  6. Loved the little classic I read, The Ripening Seed, written in 1923. Love this challenge that you host every year! Thanks, Tamara!